Monday, September 12, 2005

Nervous Goats; GTCB

This technical trade is becoming a fundamental one....

The stock went down quite a bit since my purchase moments (I'm in for 1,85), so the question right now is how much pain I can take. With this trade it's quite a lot I'll tell you!

Technicly speaking I had to sell already a while ago. So why didn't I stick to the TA and sold?
Because I'm very confident about the approval, and because I see a very nervous crowd.

Nobody exactly knows when to expect the approval, and people are nervous about the stock going down and not wanting to miss the approval. Because I'm confident about GTCB getting the approval, I'm holding. I wouldn't want to miss the big gap up when the news comes!

An interesting date to watch is September the 15th;

60 Day Timetable for Type II Variations, Renewals,
Annual Re-Assessments and Responses to the List
of Questions (Full Applications)
Submission date Start date Opinion Date
12-Nov-04 21-Nov-04 20-Jan-05
10-Dec-04 19-Dec-04 17-Feb-05
7-Jan-05 16-Jan-05 17-Mar-05
11-Feb-05 20-Feb-05 21-Apr-05
18-Mar-05 27-Mar-05 26-May-05
15-Apr-05 24-Apr-05 23-Jun-05
20-May-05 29-May-05 28-Jul-05
17-Jun-05 N/A N/A
8-Jul-05 17-Jul-05 15-Sep-05
5-Aug-05 14-Aug-05 13-Oct-05

This could be an exciting week!

For the chart the only good thing is that we did manage to close at the 1,60 support last Friday..
Let's see how much more pain GTCB is going to give me!


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